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Did You Know?

•  Only 6% of the land in Georgia is developed

•  Georgia has more land with trees today than it did 50 years ago

•  Top state in farmland preservation is Pennsylvania with 200,000 acres permanently safe

•  Most major cities in the U.S. are getting bigger even though less people live there

•  Protecting the land around streams saves money by keeping the water clean


There are many uses for land. Land can be: a farm, in trees, untouched in its natural state, used for housing, used for business, or used for public buildings (like a library) or other public purposes (like parks or a swimming pool). People can live in many different types and styles of housing. In rural areas, most people live in houses that are spread far apart from each other. In the suburbs, most people live in houses in a neighborhood where the houses are pretty close together while some people live in townhouses or apartments. In urban areas (often called cities), almost everybody lives in an apartment building and everybody is close together. When people live closer together, we call that a higher density. Higher density housing saves land (because less land is used per person, so there is more land left for farming and wildlife).


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Last updated: January 13, 2006