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The co-directors of LUSI are:

Jeffery Dorfman-
Liz Kramer --
Dept. of Agricultural & Applied Economics-- Institute of Ecology--
312 Conner Hall University of Georgia--- 19 Ecology Building --
The-University of Georgia-- The-University of Georgia---
Athens, GA 30602-7509- Athens , GA 30602-2202 --
Ph: 706.542.0754 - Ph: 706.542.3577 ---
Fax: 706.542.0739---- Fax: 706.542.4819-----
Email: Email:

The Land Use Studies Initiative is a group of faculty and staff at The University of Georgia working to provide unbiased research, education, and decision support tools on issues related to land uses. Examples of our work include research on farmland preservation, collection of geospatial data, tools for designing greenspace programs , and training on all issues related to land uses, growth, and development.






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Last updated: January 13, 2006